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Reconstruction Market Restaurant

Between May 30 to June 17 the market restaurant is redesigned. For this reason there are some limitations in the dining area of the day spa.

At the mean time we would like to offer you a special lunch buffet, it is called „Mittagstisch“ - daily between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

€ 9,90 per person with following selection:
Warm meals, cold snacks, salad & desserts
Plus 1 drink at your own disposal per person
(on 30.05. & 17.06.16 the market restaurant will be closed)

Discover more fresh choice and regional specialties from 18 June:

  • New wok and grill station
  • More choice of fresh daily specials and scoop dishes
  • More offer at the breakfast
  • more generous space and range selection
  • Faster processes and less waiting
  • Watch the cook
  • More variety of regional products

Pool revision

Please note annually pool revision – for your safety and quality service.

Due to maintenance works some of our pools are not accessable. These revision is regulated by law.

Please find below an overview:

  closed from reopened on
Relaxation pool Sauna 19 May 2016 20 May 2016
Active pool 30 May 2016 04 June 2016
Saltwater pool 6 June 2016 11 June 2016
Outdoor thermal pool 13 June 2016 18 June 2016
Indoor thermal pool 20 June 2016 25 June 2016
Cold water pool Sauna 27. June 2016 02 July 2016

Thanks for your understanding!

An Overview of St. Martins Thermal Baths

Summer Island
Summer Island

The St. Martins Thermal Baths are a world of wellness with indoor and outdoor baths, St. Martins Aktiv water aerobics, spa seats and massage jets, outdoor saltwater baths, nude showers, a sauna complex, cold and warm water baths with massage jets, relaxing spas, themed showers, relaxation and rest areas, a "swing and relax" room, tanning salon, a fireplace, a sauna bar, market restaurant, sunset terrace and a summer island.

In addition to all this, we offer our visitors an outdoor bar in summer, and a cosy, inviting fireplace room for the colder parts of the year.


Discover Nature & Aquatic Diversity

The St. Martins Thermal Baths "SPAFARI" programme offers visitors a unique combination of wellness and discovery.

  • Discover our exciting Seewinkel Safaris in combination with a Sauna and Thermal Bath Package.
  • Generous relaxation zones for two offer private, personal relaxation.

Year in, year out, water is pumped from the rock 860 m below the surface of Burgenland's third certified medicinal spring. The mineral water containing sodium hydrogen carbonate-chloride bubbles up from the depths with a wonderful natural temperature of 43°C and a pH value of 7.9 and is perfect to help you to relax and drive the tension from your back.

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