Children's Birthday Party Deals

Children's Birthday Party Deals

Birthday parties for young explorers!

Celebrate a very SPECIAL children's birthday
with your child and its friends. 

Pick from 2 birthday deals:

Deal 1: Birthday Safari
Deal 2: Animal-assisted birthday party

Minimum number of children: 5 
From 6 years




Registration and information:

Tel: +43 2172 20500 712

Deal 1: Birthday Safari

Discover interesting animal and plant species during an exciting safari! Fascinating details can be spotted using a telescope & Swarovski binoculars. Don't forget to bring your adventurous side & explorer's curiosity!

Deal 2: Animal-assisted birthday party

Our pets are our co-rangers! Celebrate an unforgettable birthday with chickens, goats & their many friends. Get to know these animals up close and personal. You can enjoy playing with them, and who knows, you might even learn something from them. 

incl. personal present, a slice of cake and a drink incl. personal present and food (main, dessert & a drink) incl. personal present and food (main, dessert & a drink)
Price per child:
€ 28
Price per child:
€ 33
Price per child:
€ 39
  Additionally bookable for the above mentioned deals:  
  A birthday cake with a special candle
€ 34
  Birthday group spa admission
(birthday child can enter for FREE)
€ 9 per child
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