Kids Discovery Club

The Discovery Club in the Researcher's House

What you'll find at the Researcher's House

This is a place where parents, accompanying guardians and children can have fun, explore and do research. The Discovery Club is a new concept where science, leisure, fun and learning are combined. The Researcher's House is always accessible and can be visited free of charge during opening hours. Trained educators, ecology-teachers and biologists can be consulted at any time. Please note that children's guardians are responsible for supervision. Children can not be dropped off unsupervised at the Researcher's House. 

What's there to see?

Meeting and peacefully observing a wide variety of animals is definitely one of the highlights here! You'll learn a range of things about insects, small rodents and many other animals, including where they originally came from, what conditions they enjoy and what they need for perfect care.


Summer Adventure on the Island with Punch

Explore the summer at the research tent. Many adventures all around the nationalpark Neusiedler See - Seewinkel together with Punch. With the wizard, the witch or the burglar it doesn't get boring.


Fun with riddles

How about we start with a little puzzle straight away, so you can get ready for the many adventures that you'll experience in our Kids Discovery Club.

Here's our first little riddle:
Can you recognize the animals in our logo?

Einstein, the clever owl ...

... is a long-eared owl. She's smart, attentive and active at night.

The wriggly gopher...

... is a European ground squirrel. This rodent is cheeky, quick and frolics around in meadows. During winter the gopher enjoys to hibernate.

Cheery, the frog...

... is a European tree frog. He loves water and enjoys having fun. He can also be particularly loud.

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