about the redesign
Public sauna is going to shine in new splendour soon

Public spa in new splendour!

We expand our offers for you and
ensure even more relaxation in St. Martins.

Dear discoverer,

we continue to develop St. Martins and ensure even more relaxation in St. Martins for you!

The public sauna of St. Martins Spa (area for day-guests) will be redesigned for you from 3rd September until 25th October 2018. Therefore, this area is not accessible in this period. Certainly lodge guests can access the other two sauna areas (lodge sauna 2nd floor and lodge lake-spa sauna) at longer opening hours and an extended offer of infusions.

Also our employees get more space in their offices. This addition will be constructed in the same time period next to the lodge entrance.

We do our best we can to secure the usual spa und lodge services in the accustomed manner. In spite of the reconstruction work, the optimal configuration of operations will still ensure you a relaxing stay in St. Martins.

Our team will be at your disposal for any further questions.
We wish you a relaxing stay at St. Martins Spa 6 Lodge.



The points mentioned above give you an impression of the planned reconstruction. Subject to change without notice.


Thermal spa capacity

Today enough availability at the spa admissions. No reservation required.



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