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9 starting points - 6 locations - 49 routes - 382 kilometers
Vineyards, cornfields, natural steppes, lakes, ponds and lots of reeds. Researchers and nature-hungry runners alike can explore Austria's largest running park easily from St. Martins.

Enjoy a little walk or run, or take a dip in the hotel's lake or thermal waters to refresh and relax. You can do all this before breakfast, which is bound to make the first meal of your day taste twice as good.


You'll always find suitable running distances and routes with a guidance system and map sketches. Rest assured, you won't get lost. And if you do, just head towards the sun.

To make sure you easily find your way and follow the correct routes, a route guidance system is in place, which regularly points you in the right direction and also informs you of the distance traveled. Each running and Nordic walking route has its own colour code, which can be found in all information media.

You see, it's simple! Just follow a colour and direction from your starting point!

All you need to know about Austria's largest running park!

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Substrate: gravel, asphalt

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