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The VAMED Vitality World Group

The holistic approach to wellness of the thermal baths and wellness resorts of the VAMED Vitality World group

The Resorts in the VAMED Vitality World take a holistic appraoch to wellness. As a guest, this means that you can expect complete physical and mental relaxation with world class wellness treatments that will rejuvinate you and fill you with new strength. And now, the VAMED Vitality World vouchers and gift cards allow you to share this relaxation with your friends, family and loved ones!

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Experience wellness, fitness and more at one of Austria's most exclusive wellness hotels.

The VAMED Vitality World is a world of wellness and relaxation for body and soul. This group of Austrian wellness hotels offers you everything from hiking and skiing to golf and cycling. Thermal baths and wellness resorts are the perfect place to spoil yourself. Couples will also find that the VAMED Vitality World resorts are the ideal venue for a romantic wellness getaway!

Would you like to escape the daily grind and delve into a world of comfort and wellness?

The VAMED Vitality World looks forward to seeing you at Austria's best thermal baths and wellness resorts!


Thermal spa capacity

Today enough availability at the spa admissions. No reservation required.