This guest WLAN is provided by the system operator under the following conditions:


  • The system operator is [relevant Company]. You can find more information about the system operator under [link to the respective imprint].
  • By using this Internet access, you declare that you agree to the following Terms of Use and accept them without restriction.

  • For the provision of this service, the system operator shall make reasonable efforts, such as regulating the access via a professional software solution.

  • The system operator is merely an access intermediary. There is no legal claim to the (uninterrupted) use and/or a certain speed of the Internet access. Due to technical conditions, freedom from interference cannot be guaranteed. The system operator does not offer unlimited availability of Internet access or accessibility of servers and does not guarantee error-free transmission or forwarding of data traffic. The system operator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue Internet access via the guest LAN/WLAN at any time without prior warning.

  • In the interest of functionality and security of the guest LAN/WLAN for all guests, the system operator may impose various restrictions regarding bandwidth, protocols, domains and time or other parameters and make the use dependent on the entry of access data or other requirements set by the system operator. The user undertakes not to use the offered bandwidth excessively, as this Internet access is shared with other users.
  • The system operator assumes that the user is aware of all the dangers of the Internet, the user is of age and is responsible for the data transmitted via the guest LAN/WLAN and any chargeable services used and legal transactions made. The user is solely responsible for his own protection (e.g. up-to-date anti-virus program, personal firewall, up-to-date operating system, etc.). Further, the user shall not use any contributions or services or share data that violate applicable law, constitute an administrative offense, have insulting, racist, discriminatory or pornographic content or violate third-party rights (in particular intellectual property rights). The user bears sole responsibility for compliance with the law. It is expressly prohibited to misuse the access possibility to the provided LAN / WLAN or to use it or to let it be used for illegal purposes.

  • In case of a violation of the Terms of Use or if a violation is suspected, the use of the provided guest LAN/WLAN can be blocked at any time and without giving reasons. Should the system operator be exposed to claims by third parties for any reason due to the use of the guest LAN/WLAN by the user, the user shall indemnify and hold the system operator harmless in this respect.

  • The system operator stores metadata (in particular IP address, device number, websites visited) in order to be able to track the use of the guest LAN/WLAN in case of suspected misuse. This data processing is based on the legitimate interest of the system operator to be able to clarify any misuse and to defend itself against any legal claims in this context or to enforce such legal claims (Art 6 para 1 lit f DSGVO). This data will only be viewed in the event of an incident, will only be made accessible to any parties involved in legal proceedings in the event of an incident and will otherwise not be made accessible to third parties with the exception of the system operator's IT service providers. This data will be stored securely and, if it is not required for any ongoing or threatened proceedings, deleted at the latest after [INSERT TERM: RECOMMENDED: 3 years]. Should the system operator decide to make the use of the guest LAN / WLAN dependent on registration, the registration data may be linked to this metadata and stored in the same way. More information about your data protection rights can be found at "www.dsb.gv.at/aufgaben-taetigkeiten/rechte-der-betroffenen.html" as well as in our privacy policy, which is available for you at the reception/cash desk.

  • In the event of a breach of its obligations under this agreement, the system operator shall only be liable for personal injury as well as for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence by the system operator or persons attributable to him. In all other respects, any liability, in particular for data, hardware and software, is excluded. The system operator is not liable for the content of transmitted data, or the content of data that is accessible through the use.

  • These Terms of Use are subject to Austrian law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, you shall also enjoy the protection of all mandatory protective provisions (i.e. in particular, consumer protection law) of any jurisdiction that would be applicable in the absence of this choice of law.

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