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Treatments by St. Martins

Private - Spa - Suite
Private - Spa - Suite

Discover the magic of the seasons!

We know what getting back to nature and taking time to retreat really means. Our treatments – specially developed for St. Martins – follow nature’s eternal rhythms, meaning that you will be offered the most effective therapy based on the season. Don’t just dream it, experience it for yourself!

TIME IS PRECIOUS! Think back over the 24 hours that made up yesterday and the seven days of last week. How did you spend your time? And more importantly, how much of that time did you set aside for yourself?  or the people closest to you? Have you let health, beauty and your own needs slip down your list of priorities?

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday: from 09:30 am to 7:30pm
Ph: +43 2172 20500 - 781


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