Baby and Children's Swimming

Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming from 2 months

For beginners

Getting to know water in a playful way not only helps develop children's motorskills - it's also fun! Children can splash around with their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, whilst enjoying music, doing activities and playing with colourful pool toys.

The beginner's course is aimed at stimulating and developing the children's sense of balance and movement, their body tension, and also teaching them about water and related risks.

Baby Swimming from 2 months

For advanced swimmers

This course is aimed at babies who are already used to water and have completed the beginners course. Special swimming aids help the baby float and learn to move in the water without swimming aids.

The goal is to teach babies to swim independently towards a point using swimming aids. They'll learn to use their hands and feet to paddle wherever they wish. When they're ready, rings can be removed from their swimming aids, making them more independent. The swimming aids are reduced and reduced until the child is able to completely swim on its own.

Swimming Lessons for Children from 2 to 4 Years with Parents

For beginners

Infant swimming lessons allow parents to introduce their children to water, play enjoyable games with them, and ultimately make them more comfortable in the water.

Special swimming aids help the children float and gain confidence in the water. They might even learn to swim short distances independently. 

Swimming Lessons for Children Aged 4 Years and Over (without Parents)

For advanced swimmers

In this course, children are provided with suitable swimming aids that help them learn the basics of independant swimming in a fun, no-pressure setting. Instructors make sure children develop good habits that will allow them to master swimming techniques.

Children are encouraged to lose their fear of diving and jumping into water, use swimming aids, practise the correct arm movements for breaststrokes and to keep themselves above water for a few metres at a time. The advance course builds on knowledge from the beginner's course and is suitable for children who are already able to dive, jump and slide into the water and for those who are able to stay above water.

Course Dates

11th September 2018 until Juli, 2019

Baby swimming:
every Tuesday morning from 9:30 a.m.

Small child swimming and swimming courses without parents:
every Tuesday afternoon from 2 p.m. 

Beginners and advanced groups at all times.
Joining is possible at any time upon arrangement via telephone.




Contact, registration &
course info:

Ms. Gabriela Einhaus
Tel: +43 676 9655711

Swimming lessons are only possible in combination with spa admission and for children and companions! Swim diapers must be worn for hygienic reasons!
There are no swimming lessons during the holidays, public holidays and long weekends.




10 units of 30 minutes each
€ 90
excl. day-spa admission, one of the parents must attend
10 units of 45 minutes each
€ 95
excl. day-spa admission, parent does not need to attend


Children 0-2 years
free admission
Children 3-8 years
€ 7
for 2 hours |  from 3 hours, see current notice
Adults 2 hours
€ 10
for every additional ½ hour € 2 until max. day pass € 20.50
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