The world of work
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The variety of "working areas" at St. Martins Spa  & Lodge is fascinating and reflects the wide range of tasks and responsibilities that contribute to the company's success.

Now we will embark on a journey and immerse ourselves in each of these  worlds of work to understand how they interact with each other and help deliver unforgettable experiences to our guests. Let's unveil the magic that happens behind the scenes of our lodge, thermal baths & spa, Nature & Adventure, Hospitality, Administration and Technology and get to know the people who bring these worlds to life.

The world of work


"I don't shy away from contact with guests and want to do my part in terms of communication between guest and company."

Workspace Lodge

Thermal baths & treatments

"Through my technical knowledge in the wellness area and/or my organisational skills, I ensure the well-being of guests or ensure a smooth workflow by efficiently structuring tasks."

Workspace thermal baths & treatments

Nature & Experience

"Nature forms a dream setting for me to work in, pursuing my passion for caring for animals and teaching guests about the flora and fauna of Seewinkel."

Nature & Experience workspace


"Culinary arts never cease to excite me, and I find it particularly fulfilling to discover its diversity in the preparation of dishes using regional products and then serving them to guests."

Gastronomy workspace

Administration & Technology

"I am very familiar with work tools such as computers or hammers and screws. With the use of these and my manual or commercial talent, I would like to support the company successfully."

Work Area Administration & Technology
Thermal baths occupancy

No reservation required.

Bathing lake temperature
27.9 °C

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The work areas of our lodge are diverse and varied. The fields of activity include reception, seminar and guest services, reservations and seminar organisation, housekeeping and telephone exchange.


The thermal baths offers an attractive workplace with the internal SPA area. As a potential employee you can expect job opportunities in consulting, fitness, the thermal baths and the back office of the thermal baths.


As a St. Martins ranger or staff member of the research station, your daily work is connected with nature and different animal species. Through your passion bring our guests closer to the flora and fauna of the national park and advise them on our outdoor offers.


The gastronomy in our house includes both the cooking and serving  of regional delicacies. Contribute with your personality to the work processes and contribute to the quality assurance of our gastronomy.


Exciting fields of work await you in the areas of administration and technology. In the administrative offices, you will be responsible for maintaining internal processes and regulating business processes. In contrast, you can prove your skills with our technicians and maintain our building and the environment in a quality manner.

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