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What is a lodge?

Like a snail shell offering retreat, it lies before us, the St. Martins Spa & Lodge, in the plain of the Seewinkel. A lodge is an accommodation in exceptional nature. For example, on the edge of a national park.

It is a safe, luxurious place for explorers and adventurers. An ideal starting point for smaller and larger adventures and for guests seeking real relaxation in nature. Therefore, many offers of a lodge can be consumed outdoors.

The St. Martins Spa  & Lodge is located on the edge of the National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel and is therefore not called hotel, but LODGE!


The Seewinkel lies an average of 120m above sea level, making it the lowest-lying area in Austria.
This region has a Pannonian, slightly continental climate.

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The St. Martins Spa & Lodge is located directly at the hotel's own eight-hectare bathing lake in northern Burgenland, at the gates of the National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel. The resort offers the third recognised healing spring in Burgenland.

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No reservation required.

Bathing lake temperature
26.9 °C

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