Animal Assisted Intervention
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Eco-education and stress prevention

St. Martins is a certified farm for animal assisted intervention. For this, training had to be completed by both humans and animals.

The animal-assisted professionals, the animals, the stables and the safety at the farm were closely examined.

Animal Assisted Intervention on the Farm (TGI)

refers to the specific use of farm animals in education, social work and/or therapy.

The professionals who oversee the programs in St. Martins have a basic educational profession, an agricultural qualification and additional TGI training.

The estate St. Martins has also been inspected by an external body for animal welfare, husbandry conditions and safety, and as part of a farm animal audit, the animals were certified for use in animal-assisted intervention.
According to the definition of "biophilia", we want to enable the guest to encounter the animal - or nature in general - at eye level and thus experience well-being & stress reduction. After all, we need the living environment to be able to remain psychologically and physically healthy ourselves.

Beastly great colleagues!

The animals in St. Martins create a special setting for our guests as well as for the whole team, which creates a feeling of "coming home".

The St. Martins estate - which combines the St. Martins barn and the discovery trail around our lake - is home to numerous farm animals. Many of these animals have been specially trained and certified for animal-assisted intervention. In addition, our animal "work colleagues" such as baroque donkeys, sheep and goats are also used for grazing valuable conservation areas.

If you follow the trail into the research station of the day spa, the animals become a bit more exotic, as there is a constant warm climate here all year round. The selected species such as Madagascar cockroaches, thorn insects and Australian ghost insects, among others, feel right at home here and support us in numerous zoo and eco-educational programs. Families have the opportunity to learn about nature and special species indoors, and pet care and animal welfare are also important topics that are discussed.

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