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19th May 2021
St. Martins Research Station
Opening of the new research station in the thermal baths

The new St. Martins' research station is open for young and old explorers. On 150 m² you can work, try things out, have fun - and by the way, you almost feel like you are in a real jungle.

1st Feb 2019
Aerial view
Opening of the caravan site

Since February 2019 you can book the caravan pitch in St. Martins with 50m² each, 365 days a year. Incl. discounted thermal baths entrance fees and incl. energy and water consumption.

19th Nov 2018
New wellness oasis in the thermal baths
Public sauna in new splendor

New wellness oasis and new experience area in a class of its own: 90°C pebble sauna with a view of the outdoor fireplace,
landscaped courtyard, infrared sauna, do-it-yourself sauna (60°-90°C), shower experience landscape with waterfall,
beverage station, new lounger and rest areas and much more...

1st May 2018
Zackel sheep
New residents in the St. Martins stable

In spring 2018, the St. Martins animal herd was expanded with 6 Berichon du Cher sheep and 7 Zackel sheep. Meanwhile, the St. Martins stable includes 15 goats, 13 sheep, 4 White Baroque donkeys and numerous chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs.

1st Feb 2018
Opening of the photo hide

Unique in Austria and another special feature of St. Martins that makes us particularly proud: the St. Martins Photo and Observation Hide at the Pimetzlacke - directly behind the lodge. The underground hide offers exciting perspectives close to the ground on the animal inhabitants and visitors of the waterhole directly in front of it. Among others already sighted: Ruffs, Lapwings, Snipe, Wood Sandpipers and Water Sandpipers, Shelducks and various species of ducks.

30th Jun 2017
Explorer tent on Summer Island
New and fixed tent of the researcher on Summer Island

Discover in SUMMER in the new tent of the researcher, where curious animals are observed and where the life in a drop of water becomes visible under the microscope.

1st Mar 2017
Boathouse at the nearby Zicksee lake
Branch of St. Martins Spa  & Lodge
Conversion - Boathouse by St. Martins

On the north shore of the Zicksee in neighbouring St. Andrä, discover a 1000m² retreat for special adventures of spiritual exchange. Unique retreat for up to 8 people with lake terrace, sheltered and luxurious retreat, exclusive catering and much more.

The concreted harbour basin was also rebuilt and redesigned with a shallow shore with gravel. This means that the harbour basin can now also be used as part of research programmes for children.

20th Feb 2017
Junior Suite Lake View
Room renovation

150 existing rooms in our main house were extensively renovated and refurbished: Parquet floors were sanded and resealed, beds were upholstered with new leather and raised, glass top on the desk, new carpets and curtains, new lighting in the bathroom, rooms were completely painted and much more...

18th Jun 2016
New WOK and BBQ station
Newly designed Market Restaurant at the Thermal Baths

St. Martins Thermal Baths presented a new culinary concept. Since June 2016, discover even more fresh choices & regional specialities in Market Restaurant at the Thermal Baths:
▸New WOK and BBQ station.
▸More selection of fresh daily specials & scoop dishes.
▸More choice of offers at breakfast
▸More generous space & range selection
▸Faster processes & less waiting time
▸Watching the chef cooking
▸More choice of regional products

18th Sep 2015
St. Martins Ranger during ringing
NEW Bird ringing with the St. Martins rangers

As part of an international research project, our St. Martins rangers conduct bird ringing approximately every 20 days. This involves gently capturing mainly songbirds, fitting them with a numbered foot ring, measuring them and releasing them. Ringing is one of the most important tools in bird research, and the project we are conducting is designed to study changes in our songbird populations. As a guest, you have the opportunity to be present during ringing and release as part of our tours or your Personal Nature Experience and see rare and shy bird species up close.

1st May 2015
E-filling station in the underground car park
Charge your electric vehicle for FREE
Commissioning of the e-filling stations

While you enjoy your time at the St. Martins Spa & Lodge, your electric vehicle is charged with green electricity free of charge. Reserved parking spaces and a "fuel pump" with 2 different plugs are available in the lodge underground garage and in the thermal baths underground garage.

1st Jan 2015
TGI program with the baroque donkeys
NEW - Animal Assisted Intervention

"Animal Assisted Intervention" describes the deliberate and purposeful use of animals in education and/or therapy. The St. Martins TGI team deals daily with the animals of the St. Martins stable. Accordingly, the baroque donkeys, goats, chickens & Co. are extremely motivated and very happy - under expert guidance - to be active together with people.

24th Nov 2014
The return of the sea eagle
5th birthday & opening of the extension

It was exactly five years ago that Central Europe's first lodge made history at Seewinkel . Together with its competence partner VAMED, the Province of Burgenland has further expanded St. Martins Spa & Lodge. In just one year, new exclusive retreat zones have been created around the hotel's own lake and above the water. Once again, 17.5 million euros have been invested, making the St. Martins Spa  & Lodge the largest tourism project in Northern Burgenland with a total investment volume of 100 million euros, directly and indirectly creating and securing well over 400 jobs.

10th July 2014
Boat trip from Illmitz to Mörbisch
The StarClub businesses of the region & the Seefestspiele Mörbisch presented a new offer.
1. StarClub Shipping

For all visitors of the Seefestspiele, who would like to experience an unforgettable evening and combine cultural with culinary pleasure (6 courses incl. accompaniment of 10 wines*), there was for the first time in summer 2014 the possibility of a boat trip from Illmitz directly to the performance and back. On a ship of Schifffahrt Gangl, which left Illmitz at 6 pm, exclusive Starclub cuisine was presented, accompanied by the best wines of the region.

19th May 2014
St. Martins Team
20,000 fans on Facebook

The team of St. Martins Spa  & Lodge thanked their 20,000 FANS on FACEBOOK!

1st May 2014
"Everything in motion"
Opening of the running park Neusiedler See

Run into an incredibly fascinating landscape in the far east of Austria and let yourself be moved by the plains and expanses and the nooks and crannies hidden within. 9 starting points - 6 places - 49 routes - 382 kilometers

21st Dec 2013
1st Charity Advent Market
A special Christmas experience for the whole family!
1st Charity Advent Market

Directly in front of the gates of the thermal baths guests and visitors found a small but exquisit Advent market. A full programme for young and old with punch and sales booths, Christmas concert and much more. We donated the profits of your consumption and purchase from these 2 days to people in need in the region!

15th Nov 2013
Opening St. Martins galleries

Another exclusive area for the Relax! One Day Holiday on the Upper Deck was opened: St. Martins Galleries on the 1st floor of the Thermal Baths Atrium. In this exclusive area you can look forward to many premium services such as Reserved Relax Comfort Lounger and Bath Bag with Bathrobe & Towels.

15th Sep 2013
Rendering of the extension
More beautiful. More secluded. More impressive.
Groundbreaking extension

Expansion measures of the St. Martins Lodge:

New exclusive rooms and suites: 28 new rooms (including 16 suites and 12 family rooms) on a bridge above the lake with a unique view and up to 144 beds

Lake thermal baths: a second thermal baths area for the lodge directly above the water with direct lake access consisting of 2 Finnish saunas (hot and soft) as well as steam bath and thermal water pool. In addition, lounger niches, a SPA bistro, a sunbathing area and access to the exclusive bathing beach will be built for the lodge guests.

Lake Restaurant: The restaurant extension with extensive loggia over the lake

Kitchen extension: Additional kitchen capacity for an even more exclusive culinary offer

Extension measures of the St. Martins thermal baths:

lake sauna: with 1 Finnish sauna and 1 soft sauna as well as a thermal water basin, a new sauna world is created directly at and above the natural bathing lake and with the possibility to use the lake as a cold water or swimming pool after the sauna session.

St. Martins Galleries: a new offering on the second floor of the thermal baths - with new reclining comfort as well as a bridge connecting the current west and east galleries

2nd Aug 2013
Explorer tent on Summer Island
Explorer tent on Summer Island

The mad professor has disappeared and he has left his explorer tent on Summer Island. Now the children can also explore and discover outdoors...although even his pocket watch is still hanging in the tent... But with luck we will find his message in a bottle or can name the strange animals that can be discovered everywhere... Even a polecat admires the kids from above... Since then, Summer Island is also Discovery Island! We will find the professor - after all, his friends will help us: Frog Happy, Gopher Zappel and Owl Einstein!

10th Jul 2013
The exclusive area "Upper Deck" becomes Relax! One Day Holiday on the Upper Deck.
Introduction Relax! One Day Holiday

VAMED Vitality World intensified and launched a completely new class of holidaying in its eight resorts, which will have a lasting impact on the way people relax: The "Relax! One Day Holiday - The Short Holiday with Long-Term Effect". This new thermal baths offer combines the findings of the company's own research into guests' wishes and various publications, and since July 15th, 2013 has been offering all adult guests optimum relaxation in just one day at eight different spa worlds.

1st May 2013
Aerial view lodge bathing beach
Bathing beach exclusively for our lodge guests
1st bathing season at the lodge bathing beach

At the lodge bathing beach incl. hammock park you can enjoy Caribbean beach feeling in the middle of Austria. Relax in the warm rays of the sun and cool off in between in the crystal clear bathing lake . Would you like a cocktail? Lounger service included.

27th Apr 2013
1. splash mob
Summer Island opened before the official swimming season!
1. St. Martins Splashmob

Starting signal into the bathing summer: Guests of St. Martins Spa & Lodge jumped together into the lake at the "Splash Mob"! Everyone who runs together with us into the bathing lake receives a 1+1 voucher for their next stay. After cooling down, the participants could finish the day at the beach bar.

1st Apr 2013
Freddy - the painting donkey
Other residents at the St. Martins barn

2 more donkeys joined us, among them the current artist, the painting donkey Freddy.

1st Dec 2012
StarClub producers
Foundation of the association "StarClub

Under the name "StarClub Neusiedler See" a selection of 50 of the best in the region Neusiedler See - Seewinkel has joined forces to promote quality tourism in the region, to offer their top services and to strengthen each other through networking. The impetus and founding member is the St. Martins Spa  & Lodge on the edge of the national park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel.

7th Nov 2012
Newly designed thermal atrium conveys national park feeling

The fourth thermal baths season opened in the innovatively redesigned thermal baths atrium. Thermal baths guests have been able to relax in a completely new atmosphere since November 2012. A small oasis by the entry pool, tall trees with green foliage and cosy, intimate retreat zones create a natural ambience that contributes to physical relaxation and mental letting go. You can relax even more contemplatively in the new relaxation room. Here, perfectly coordinated visual and acoustic measures have been used to recreate the natural surroundings of the region, immediately creating a national park feeling. The explorers club for kids has also been redesigned and invites you to explore and discover even more than before.

1st Jun 2012
Upper Deck on Summer Island

The popular "Business Class" of St. Martins thermal baths, the "Upper Deck", can be discovered by guests on Summer Island since summer 2012. A special area with its own lake access is available by reservation at the usual Upper Deck rate. Still included: a lunch, drinks, snacks, special discounts for treatments at Treatments by St. Martins, access to the sauna area, the all-in bath bag and much more. In this area there are special loungers and wicker beach loungers for exclusive relaxation and unwinding.

1st Apr 2012
2 white donkeys have a new home
New residents in the St. Martins stable

2 white baroque donkeys as well as a flock of chickens moved into the St. Martins barn across from the entrance to St. Martins Lodge.

1st Apr 2012
Publication of the 1st explorers magazine

With this booklet, which is published several times a year, we want to offer you a somewhat different insight into the wide range of offers from St. Martins as well as the entire region. You will find the latest highlights from our program, the personal St. Martins tips of our employees and everything you can discover with us!

1st Apr 2011
Geese have moved into the new barn
Construction of the new barn

The stable opposite the entrance of the St. Martins Lodge was newly built. New residents moved in together with the goats Gustl & Gerti.

1st May 2010
Soak up the sun on Summer Island
Bathing beach with good weather guarantee
1st bathing season on Summer Island

The St. Martins Spa  & Lodge in Frauenkirchen is Austria's only lakethermal baths with bathing beach and exclusive view of the unique landscape of the surrounding European nature reserve Natura 2000. On 1st of May 2010 the Summer Island opened its doors for the first time.

1st May 2010
Goat Gerti
The first stable - in the back of the St. Martins site.
Construction of the 1st small St. Martins stable

The first inhabitants of the St. Martins stable are 2 goats (Gustl and Gerti). In January 2010 we were asked to save the two animals from slaughter. So the two tame and people-friendly goats got a place with us in the newly built St. Martins stable.

1st Apr 2010
Boathouse at the nearby Zicksee lake
Branch of St. Martins Spa  & Lodge
NEW - boathouse at the Zicksee

St. Martins offers canoe trips from the boathouse into the reed belt of the Zicksee.

1st Mar 2010
Our goats at the discovery trail
Opening of the discovery trail

The discovery trail runs for 1.8 km around the St. Martins lake.

11th Nov 2009
Opening ceremony in the thermal baths
Opening of the 1st Lodge in Central Europe

On November 11th, 2009, St. Martins Spa & Lodge was opened as the first lodge in Central Europe. Since then, the St. Martins Spa & Lodge combines relaxation, seclusion and adventure and invites guests to discover the surrounding nature from this unique retreat.

1st May 2009

VAMED, the internationally operating health care group, has been active in the thermal spa and wellness sector since 1995. Under the competence brand VAMED Vitality World, founded in 2006, VAMED operates 9 thermal and health resorts. The St. Martins Spa & Lodge has been operated by VAMED since 2009.

1st Jan 2009
Sujet steppe cattle
Presentation of the brand and positioning

Positioning: relaxation, seclusion and adventure
The 1st Lodge in Central Europe invites guests to discover the surrounding nature from this unique retreat.

24th Nov 2008
Topping-out directly at the salt pond Pimetzlacke
Topping-Out Ceremony

At the Gleichen celebration on 24th November 2008, many guests were already welcomed.
It began where all adventures begin: in the head - but it immediately awakened the spirit of discovery in everyone.

31st Mar 2008
Aerial view during construction

The financing was provided by Wirtschaft Burgenland GmbH (WiBUG). The 13 surrounding Seewinkel municipalities are also directly involved in the St. Martins Spa & Lodge. The entire region has thus become the host for visitors to the St. Martins Spa & Lodge. "With the St. Martins Spa & Lodge, a leading tourist business has been created - supported by the region for the region." Seewinkel is now increasingly gaining the status of a year-round destination and attracting more overnight guests.

2nd Sep 2007
Ground-breaking ceremony 2007
Ground-breaking ceremony

The ground-breaking ceremony on 02.09.2007 marked the official start of construction for the Seewinkel Thermal Resort. In the years that followed, a leading project for quality and year-round tourism was created here that also meets international standards and is unparalleled. Accordingly, the groundbreaking ceremony was also attended by prominent guests. In addition to Governor Hans Niessl, Deputy Governor Franz Steindl, Frauenkirchen's mayor Josef Ziniel and the mayors of the 12 other Seewinkel communities (Andau, Apetlon, Gols, Halbturn, Illmitz, Mönchhof, Neusiedl am See, Pamhagen, Podersdorf am See, St. Andrä am Zicksee, Tadten, Wallern), WiBAG Board Directors Peter Schmitl and Franz Kast and VAMED Managing Director Ing. Walter Troger were also welcomed to the ceremony at the Pimezlacke in the Frauenkirchen municipal area.

1st Jan 2007
Design Architect Holzbauer & Partner

Directly on the border of the Natura 2000 nature reserve lies the area of the former Pimetzlacken, which were used as gravel ponds. In the concept phase, it was decided to combine the gravel ponds into two large lakes and to place an organic structure in the form of a spiral in the centre of the lake landscape. The centre of the spiral is formed by the spa with the main lounging areas, pools, sauna area, etc. The spa and lodge merge into the lake landscape. The spa and lodge merge into one another in the spiral form. The 4-star superior lodge includes 150 room units with restaurants, bars, seminar area, etc. The water of the lake was drawn into the building in the abstract form of the outdoor pool landscape of the lodge spa and sauna area. The peninsula in front of the spa with small gravel bays and the terraced landscape in front of the lodge lobby and the restaurants invite visitors to linger by the water. The atmosphere of the area lives above all from the direct relationship to the water and the expanse of the landscape.

3rd Mar 2006
Rendering St. Martins Spa  & Lodge
Thermal resort - Start drilling

On 3rd March 2006, the mayors of the 13 Seewinkel municipalities (Andau, Apetlon, Frauenkirchen, Gols, Halbturn, Illmitz, Mönchhof, Neusiedl am See, Pamhagen, Podersdorf am See, St. Andrä am Zicksee, Tadten, Wallern) and the WiBAG board directors Peter Schmitl and Dr. Werner Eckhardt celebrated the opening of the Pimezlacke in the municipality of Frauenkirchen. Andrä am Zicksee, Tadten, Wallern), as well as WiBAG board directors Peter Schmitl and Dr. Werner Eckhardt at the Pimezlacke in the Frauenkirchen municipal area. The drilling ceremony marked the start of the first stage of construction of the Seewinkeltherme.

Thermal baths occupancy

No reservation required.

Bathing lake temperature
21.6 °C

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