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Experience our variety of treatments to the full, promoting the balance of tension and relaxation, strengthening your immune system and stimulating self-healing.

Treatment duration: 60 Min.

€ 91


The north coasts of Europe

One example is the shelduck, which actually breeds here in Austria. One of our special birds even flew non-stop from the Seewinkel to Hamburg. The Lake Neusiedl region is an important resting place for migrating birds. Numerous species from the far north come here to rest and recharge their batteries.

Salt habitats are also characteristic elements of the Lake Neusiedl region, where you will find salt vegetation from distant coastal areas. The throwbacks to the Ice Age are another special feature. These could only survive selectively in permanently cool places, such as the Zitzmannsdorf meadows. One example is the tundra vole.

Our Northern-inspired treatments are based on the elements of salt and water and bear the mark of the sea.


The Central Asian steppe

It forms part of the East European steppe ecoregion, which continues on to Asia. The lowest point of Austria, at 114m above sea level, can be found here too. There are numerous native species here that are closely protected and need open land. Examples include the field eryngo (an umbelliferous plant) and the European ground squirrel (a rodent). The flat steppe landscape enjoys intense sunlight as there are no hills to block out the light.

Our Eastern-inspired treatments are based on honey, moorland and warmth and bear the mark of the sun.


The Mediterranean region

This region is often home to warmth-loving species from the Mediterranean that are at the northernmost reaches of their range. The splendidly coloured wasp spider, for example, is a typical resident of southern Europe but can also be found here in the Seewinkel. Various grasshopper and cicada species provide a typical Mediterranean soundtrack. Some bird species such as the lapwing also spend the winter in southern Europe, around the Mediterranean.

Our Southern-inspired treatments are based on rosemary, grape and lavender and bear the mark of the lavender.


The Alps

This is why the region is also influenced by the nearby Alps in terms of climate, and why you will find certain species here. Alpine bird species such as the common raven or the brambling come to the Seewinkel to find food, particularly in winter. That said, species such as the viviparous lizard or Veratrum album, which actually do not belong in the lowlands, can also be found here in this unique region.

Our Western-inspired treatments are based on berries, herbs and oxygen and bear the mark of the mountains.


Create deep relaxation with smooth stones. This combination of a full body treatment and energy work will bring you back into balance, providing you with a sense of security and serenity.



Uncompromising, masculine, natural, controlled vegan care with tree extracts. Cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, deep cleansing, face and neck massage, a refreshing face mask and final treatment await you.



This massage uses warm, fragrant muslin cloths filled with Seewinkel herbs. Stretching and pressure, fast stroking and gentle circular movements bring you new strength.



The energy pathways of your body are massaged, smoothed out, shaped and activated with warm grape seed oil, both by hand and using warm grape seed sachets. Your energy is gently brought into natural balance. The result? A more energetic and completely relaxed body.



Pamper your feet with a Seewinkel brine exfoliant first, followed by a foot bath. Immerse yourself in that sense of well-being and beauty that you get from a treat for your feet. From hybrid nail polish to shellac, we have it all.



Rhythmic pressure pulses are used to promote the drainage of tissue fluid via the venous and lymphatic systems. Your immune system is destressed and activated, allowing you to experience wonderful deep relaxation.



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