Animal-Assisted learning

Animal-assisted learning
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Therapy with Animals

"Animal-assisted intervention" describes the deliberate, targeted use of animals in education and therapy. St. Martins' Animal-Assisted Intervention team works with the St. Martin's stable animals on a daily basis. The donkeys, goats, chickens and others aninals are thus extremely motivated and happy to spend time with people - under expert supervision and guidance.

Taking into consideration the idea of "biophilia", we want to help our guests spend time with animals and in nature, thus helping them experience well-being & stress reduction. After all, we need natural environments to be mentally and physically healthy.

Just several of the things our pets can do for you:

  • Increase physical well-being (e.g. lower blood pressure)
  • Stress relief & relaxation
  • Promoting positive self-image
  • The experience of relationship & connectedness
  • Promotion of communication
  • The increase of endurance & concentration
  • Fear-reduction
  • Increase in emotional well-being
  • Experience joy and fun

St. Martins Animals

White Baroque donkey: Three "white Baroque donkeys" have found their home at St. Martins thanks to our cooperation with the Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel National Park and the Barockeselverein society.
HECK, a gelding (born 2008), FREDDY, a gelding, (born 2004) "the painter" are all from the Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel National Park. GALAMBER, a stallion, (b. 2003) is from the Hortobagy. The Austro-Hungarian White Baroque donkey was officially recognized as a breed in 2017. Thus, St. Martins is home to the first and only breed donkeys in Austria. The White Baroque donkey was also selected as the ARCHE Austria Breed of the Year 2017.

Goats: We were asked to rescue two tame, human-friendly goats from slaughter in 2011. And so began our herd of "big" goats. We also have a pygmy goat herd at St. Martins.
Chickens: Socialized free-range chickens of different breeds (Sulmtal, hybrid hens, etc) and origin live in front of the Lodge.
Ducks: Three Muscovy ducks live in the duck pond and are occasionally visited by a few mallards.
Rabbits: 3 pairs of rabbits have their home with us.
Guinea pigs: Agoutis and an Angora guinea pig share a large enclosure.




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