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Animal-assisted learning
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Therapy with Animals

"Animal-assisted intervention" describes the deliberate, targeted use of animals in education and therapy. St. Martins' Animal-Assisted Intervention team works with the St. Martin's stable animals on a daily basis. The donkeys, goats, chickens and others aninals are thus extremely motivated and happy to spend time with people - under expert supervision and guidance.

Taking into consideration the idea of "biophilia", we want to help our guests spend time with animals and in nature, thus helping them experience well-being & stress reduction. After all, we need natural environments to be mentally and physically healthy.

Just several of the things our pets can do for you:

  • Increase physical well-being (e.g. lower blood pressure)
  • Stress relief & relaxation
  • Promoting positive self-image
  • The experience of relationship & connectedness
  • Promotion of communication
  • The increase of endurance & concentration
  • Fear-reduction
  • Increase in emotional well-being
  • Experience joy and fun

St. Martins Animals

In our St. Martins stable and our discovery trail you can find numerous domestic- and farm animals. Our animals are partially well trained an certified for animal-assited learning. 

The following domestic animals are living with us, as well they are seen as our "colleagues": hens, a cock, warty ducks, rabbits, jura sheeps, a mountain sheep, serrated sheep, white Baroque donkeys. 

You can explore the following "special animals" which are also employed in animal assisted learning: achat snails, ghost scares, stick insects and Madagascar hissing cockroach.


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