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Maximum safety

Worry-free holiday

The highest standards of hygiene have always been one of our primary goals.

Our number one priority is that you have a safe and relaxing holiday.
We have put together a comprehensive concept that will ensure we can deliver this for you. We know this is especially important at times such as these.

An overview of the measures:

  • Essential requirement for your arrival:
    Tested OR Recovered OR Vaccinated
  • Information on FFP2 mask wearing
  • All employees wear an FFP2 mask to protect our guests
  • Information on mandatory social distancing in all areas
  • We ensure there is sufficient space between tables
  • Extended hours for breakfast and dinner
  • Separate (interactive) menu and wine list per table
  • Sufficient sanitising material available for guests in all areas
  • We inform you of our guidelines so we can all protect each other
  • Surfaces and areas with high traffic are frequently disinfected
  • Possibility for contactless payment
  • Relaxed cancellation terms
  • Free coronavirus cancellation insurance


It goes without saying that we adhere strictly to the guidelines of the Federal Government and will adapt these as needed when guidelines change. Our policy includes on-going evaluation and optimisation.

All these measures have established a protected environment in which we can ensure that you, our guests, can continue to enjoy your holiday or break free of worry even in these strange times.

As of 10.06.2021


Here you will find answers to questions regarding a safe and relaxing holiday at St. Martins Spa & Lodge.

As per 10.06.2021




1. What proof must I demonstrate in order to check in?

We look forward to welcoming you as a guest if you can meet the conditions stated below.

Tested OR Recovered OR Vaccinated Follow the path here to further information.

2. What would the cancellation terms be for a holiday I had planned if it was subsequently affected by new changes to COVID-19 measures?

Our cancellation terms have always been very fair and will remain valid for the measures currently in force. Should there be further government restrictions, we will of course strive to provide very fair and tailored solutions when it comes to cancellations. To enable you to plan your holiday in a flexible and stress-free manner, our cancellation terms offer you maximum security.

3. Will the measures in place affect our stay? To what extent? What are these measures exactly?

At all times we strive to minimise adverse effects while at the same time ensuring that risk of infection is kept as low as possible. Minimising infection risk has of course the highest priority. Our measures in this regard concentrate on more space (distancing) and hygiene. 

4. Can we take our child with us into the usual areas?

You certainly can take your child with you into the usual areas. We also look forward to welcoming you to the new Research Station. Please be aware that all the programmes we offer in the Research Station require advance reservation.

FOLLOW THE PATH to our CHILDREN’S PROGRAMME for Lodge and Spa guests.

5. Are masks obligatory in the Lodge?

Please wear FFP2 masks in all public areas, as well as in the vehicle taking you to your natural experience or providing a rail station transfer, and when relaxing with one of our treatments. 

Exceptions to this are:

- At your seat in our restaurants and bars
- On your lounger in the spa areas
- In the pools, saunas and steam baths
- In your room

For the sake of the environment, we would ask you to bring your own FFP2 mask with you. If needed, we can of course provide you with a mask.

6. Are there specified times for guests to check in and check out?

Check in times are not restricted. We will try to arrange a check out time for you in advance.

7. What is the minimum distancing in the wellness area and in the restaurant?

Please maintain sufficient distance – in the water as well. You will find enjoyment is so much easier when a certain distance is maintained. In all areas we have made arrangements that minimum distance is observed (loungers in the spa, tables in the restaurant etc.).

8. Do you offer bikes for hire?

Yes. Bikes are disinfected before are after each hire.

For the time being, bike helmets are not available for hire.

9. Is loan equipment available at the reception? What about board games?

We are happy to lend out hairdryers, irons, walking poles.

We offer board games for sale, but currently are not lending them out

10. Will there be any reductions if we don’t make use of „everything “?

All our offers remain available to you within the framework of government restrictions. No reductions are currently planned.

11. How often are public areas/toilets cleaned/disinfected?

The very high cleanliness standards we have always maintained have been further enhanced. The sanitary areas open to the public and the general public area (lifts, bannisters etc) are cleaned several times a day.

12. Are you still offering a shuttle to and from the railway station?

Yes, we are. However, we are limiting numbers to a maximum of 5 people per car or minibus. Please wear an FFP2 mask.

13. Have the times for using the spa on arrival or departure day changed for those booking “including spa”?

Currently we see no reason for restricting times.

Thermal baths

1. What proof must I have to visit the spa?

We look forward to welcoming you as a guest if you fulfil the following:

Tested OR Recovered OR Vaccinated Follow the path to further information! 

2. Is the public day spa also open for Lodge guests?

Yes, since 19.05.2021 the day spa is available again for Lodge guests.

3. Can we use the sauna and pools?
  • All pools are open without restriction.
    Generally speaking, viruses will not survive in our spa water. Follow the path to further information!
  • The use of saunas and steam baths is possible with limited capacity (number of people in the room). In addition, there is also a minimum distance of 1 meter between people who do not live permanently in one household. Please pay attention to the notices!
  • You must not throw water on the hot stones yourself, and please do not shake/waft your towel
  • Holders of year passes are advised to register by telephone before their visit. 
4. Is it compulsory to wear a mask in the spa?

Please wear an FFP2 mask in all public areas, as well as in the vehicle taking you to your natural experience and when relaxing with one of our treatments.

Exceptions to this are:

- On your seat in our restaurants and bars
- On your lounger in the spa areas
- In the pools, saunas and steam baths

For the sake of the environment, we ask you to bring your own FFP2 mask with you – upon request we can of course provide you with a mask.

5. Can I use the bathing lake?

The bathing lake can be used as always.

6. Can the children’s area be used (Kasperl theatre, slide, Research Station)?

Our children’s area with water play park, slide, small kids pool and white-water channel is open.

We also look forward to welcoming you to the new Research Station. Please be aware that all the programmes we offer in the Research Station require advance reservation. 

FOLLOW THE PATH to our CHILDREN’S PROGRAMME for Spa and Lodge guests.

7. Are group reservations possible? What about stag/hen parties?

The general regulations concerning events and gatherings in public apply here. Currently events up to a maximum of 50 people are allowed. Groups who do not live in the same household must maintain a social distance of at least 1 metres from each other – this means, for example, that it is not possible to place loungers together.

In the catering industry, groups at a table may consist of a maximum of 8 adults plus their minor children (max. 6).  

8. Is the caravan park open?

Our caravan park is open since 19.05.2021

9. Our new Research Station

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Research Station. Please be aware that all the programmes we offer in the Research Station require advance reservation. 

FOLLOW THE PATH to our CHILDRENS PROGRAMME for Spa and Lodge guests.


1. How are the treatments handled at St. Martins (massages, cosmetic)?

The actual offer remains unchanged. Dut to the official restrictions we have of course had to increase our hygiene measures. These do not however impact on the offer. Please wear an FFP2 mask during treatment.



1. Will the Seewinkel safaris be taking place?

Yes, upon re-opening the safari programme will be available in its entirety – safaris will take place from this point on. The way the safaris are conducted will be in line with the official guidelines in place at the time.

2. What do we have to pay heed to when taking a safari?

When in the vehicle an FFP2 mask must be worn. For the sake of the environment, we ask you to bring your own FFP2 mask.

3. Are binoculars disinfected?

After every use, our binoculars and spotting scopes are cleaned and disinfected according to highest hygiene standards.

4. Is sanitising material available during the safari?

Yes – we carry disinfectants in all our vehicles.

5. Is it possible to hire binoculars?

Until further notice, it is not possible to hire binoculars. In the case of guided tours, however, you will continue to receive your own personal equipment.


1. Is there a sport programme?

Yes. The sport programme adheres to the currently valid official regulations – albeit in smaller groups.

2. What programme is on offer?

The sporting activities available can be seen in the current weekly programme “Sport”.

3. Can the Fitnesscenter be used?

The equipment can be used and is regularly disinfected. Sanitisers are also available for guests. We ask guests to use these and also to disinfect the equipment before use. The machines are placed in a way that the legal minimum distance between those training is maintained. Please also take note of the notice at the entrance to the Fitnesscenter concerning the maximum people allowed within. 

4. Are there sports activities in the Active Pool?

Yes, sport activities are still held in the Active Pool. The sports programme is oriented around current official regulations, albeit with smaller groups.


1. What are the procedures in the restaurant?

Our hosts in the restaurants will inform you of the hygiene measures, particularly with regard to the buffets.

All staff members wear an FFP2 mask.

We ask you to observe minimum distancing and in addition to sanitise your hands. Thank you.

2. How many people are allowed at a table?

In the inside area a maximum of 8 adults (plus minor children) per visitor group are allowed.
On the outside area a maximum of 16 adults (plus minor children) are allowed.

3. Is there a breakfast buffet?

Yes, there is. We want to keep on offering our guests the full St. Martins breakfast. However, the presentation of the breakfast will be slightly different to what you are used to. 

Our guests can serve themselves from the food and drink on open display if they adhere to the following special hygiene precautions:

  • With single use gloves or
  • After sanitising their hands at a sanitiser dispenser at the buffet station or
  • With disposable cutlery and
  • With an FFP2 mask
4. Is there live music/wine tasting?

Currently there is neither live music nor wine tasting. Please consult the event calendar to find out when these will re-start.

5. As a non-resident guest can I have breakfast, dinner or use the Darwin’s Bar?

Currently you can have breakfast as a non-resident. Essential requirement for your arrival:
Tested OR Recovered OR Vaccinated.
Dinner or consumptions at the Darwin's Bar are currently not possible. Thank you for bearing with us. We would love to keep you informed as the situation develops.


Should you have any further questions concerning the measures we are taking, you can contact us at any time:

E-Mail: safari@stmartins.at
Tel: +43 2172 20500 700


Ever since July 2020, staff in the catering business can have free and voluntary COVID-19 tests. St. Martins Spa & Lodge has participated ever since this initiative started and offer weekly PCR tests for all staff.


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