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Seewinkel - Safaris

Our safaris are adapted to the seasons and take place all year round and in all weather conditions. You can find an overview of all our tours here - for exact times, please consult our weekly programme. "The exclusive" safaris can be booked individually, regardless of the weekly program.

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Bee-Eater Safari

Visit one of the region's most exotic-looking bird's breeding colonies and also get to know the Wagram region - the Parndorfer plate's southern slope and the northern border of the Lake Neusiedl basin.

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Great Bustard Safari

The Great Bustard's courtship is an impressive sight. Visit the courtship areas of one of the heaviest flying birds in the world and learn more about the biology and ecology of this fascinating species.

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A Year in the Life of a Greylag Goose

The Seewinkel region is famed for its geese. But do you really know much about geese? This tour will give you a comprehensive introduction into the fascinating lives of these gray geese.

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Mating Season Safari

Spring is all about courtship. From small gifts to magnificent plumage - what lengths won't we go to to impress? Find out, what animals and plants do, to find a partner.

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Discovery Tour in Hungary

The Hungarian part of the national park impresses with its vast landscape. Rare, old breeds of domestic animals as well as impressive bird life await your discovery.

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Long-Eared Owl & Common Buzzard Safari

You’ll be surprised to find out, that owls, birds of prey and falcons are not related to each other, even they have similar diets. The two protagonists are particularly good to watch in winter months.

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"A real treat"-Safari

All about food! When is it particularly important for animals to eat? And why is fat not simply fat? This Safari will teach you more about what animals and plants of the Seewinkel-Region do to prepare for winter time. Incl. regional picnic & drink.

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Orchid Safari

Blooming orchids in Burgenland? How fascinating! Discover a host of orchids ranging from the greenwinged orchid to the early spider-orchid, and learn about the secrets of orchid´s life.

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Brackish Ponds and their Inhabitants

There are about 45 salt lakes between the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl and the Hanság region. These are unique to Europe and are typical of the Seewinkel region. This safari will introduce you to the salt lake dwellers.

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Birthday Parties for Young Explorers

Bring your friends and celebrate your birthday with the St. Martin Rangers!

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Animal Voices Safari

Animal sound research, also called bioacoustics, keeps discovering new and amazing facts about our animal relatives' vocalizations. Go on safari with a bat-detector & and animal voices CD.

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Family Safari

These exciting safaris turn all children and parents into researchers. Kids can make exciting discoveries and find answers to all sorts with the help of expert support staff. Includes explorer pass & gift.

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On Explorer´s Mission

Our Explorer Scientist Dr. Falcon had to travel very urgently to the west. She left us a voice recorder with an important mission. Are we together able to complete this mission successfully? With consent of parents or legal guardian children from 7 or over are allowed to participate without attendence! Incl. cool gifts & great adventures!

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Early Morning in the National Park

Experience nature as it awakens: foraging, animals demarcating their territories and perfect lighting conditions. 

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Hakuna Matata

Embark on "our" Big Five trail. Water buffalo & grey cattle in the Sandeck-Neudegg region. You may spot the golden jackal, or even catch a glimpse of white-tailed eagles and white storks as they descend on their feeding grounds. Incl. regional picnic.

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"Into the night"-Safari

Many animal and plant species "only" come to life at dusk or at night. Ever seen an owl? Whilst the human eye doesn't see well when it's dark, others see a multi-faceted world. 

Additional Info about our Services

The safaris in St. Martins are adjusted to the seasons. They take place all year round and in all weather conditions. For this reason, it is very important that you make sure you are adequately dressed. Windproof clothing, sturdy shoes and headgear are items we highly recommend.

  • The safaris featured in the weekly programme take place with every registration. A maximum of eight people can participate.
  • The transfer is included in the price. Depending on the number of participants and the safari, you can take minibuses or one of our Land Rovers.
  • High-quality Swarovski binoculars and spotting scopes are at your disposal during the entire tour. Upon prior request, we are happy to bring along different models for you to test.
  • We are happy to respond to your individual needs if informed of them in time. Groups are always welcome too.
  • When taking part in a guided bike tour, canoe safari, stand up paddling, etc., the sports equipment (e.g. bicycle, canoe) is included in the price.
  • Drinking water is included for every tour. Some safaris also feature a picnic and additional drinks.
  • We kindly ask for your understanding that dogs are not allowed in our safari programs. If you have any questions, please contact us
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