Summer Island Burgenland

Summer Island

Opening Times

from May 1st to the end of September 
(depending on weather)
Swimming Lake: Chill Out Lounge, St. Martins Galeries & Relax! One Day Holiday Summer Island from 9 a.m.
Beach Bar: from 10 a.m.
Grill at the Beach Bar from noon, 12 p.m.

Swimming Lake & Quality

The thermal baths' own 8-hectare swimming lake has been examined by the Biologische Station Neusiedler See (Biological Station Neusiedler See). The test results, which prove impeccable water quality, can be viewed HERE.

St. Martins Summer Island, which is located at the thermal baths own 8 hectare swimming lake, features crystal-clear water, outstanding water quality and a sunbathing lawn. It can be visited from May to September.

There's a lot to Look Forward to

St. Martin’s south-facing location will let you enjoy the sun to its fullest. Relax in a shaded lounger or enjoy refreshments at the Beach Bar, where you can sip on cool, fruity drinks and local specialties. All this is enhanced by the endless views of nature offered by the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park, which are guaranteed to make balmy evenings at St. Martins’ Beach Bar very memorable ones indeed.

Swimlanes and a floating platform offer more fun.


St. Martins Thermal Baths Butler

Our Thermal Baths Butler makes sure your every need is met at Summer Island's EXCLUSIVE AREAS.


Discovery club for kids with research tent

Due to current restrictions/recommondations of the ministry of health we are unfortunately not able to open the dicovery club at the moment. 

But don't worry: Our researcher brought her equipment to SUMMER ISLAND.

So we can go on discovering there in good wheater. 


Thermal spa capacity

Recommendation: RESERVE your ticket in advance

NEW! On Friday & Saturday until 12.00 pm in the spa!



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