Water & Pools

ST. MARTINS Thermal Waters

2.000m² water area
5 indoor and 3 outdoor pools

Water is pumped from the rocky depths of Burgenland's third recognized healing spring all year round. Sodium-hydrocarbonate-chloride thermal mineral water splutters out from a depth of 860 m at a pleasant temperature of 43°C and a pH of 7.9. Heating pools up to 35°C, these healthful waters will help bring a deep sense of relaxation to your back. 

We kindly ask you to read and comply with the bathing regulations outlined on the relevant notice boards before using the thermal baths and the bathing lake.


  • Chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • Functional and degenerative spine and joint disorders
  • Post-traumatic damage to the musculoskeletal system
  • Cardiovascular regulatory disorders
  • The thermal water is also suitable for pregnant women, babies and toddlers


Name Size Temperature
Thermal Indoor Pool
406 m² 32-35 °C
Thermal Outdoor Pool
456 m² 32-35 °C
Active Pool
67 m² approx. 32 °C
Salt Water Pool
154 m² 32-35 °C
Kids Active Pool
59 m² 30-32 °C
Kids Pool
58 m² 30-32 °C
Kids Outdoor Pool
65 m² 30-32 °C
Slides Landing Pool
19 m² approx. 32 °C
Cold Water Pool
22 m² approx. 15 °C
Warm Water Pool
65 m² 30-32 °C
Relaxation Pool
38 m² 30-32 °C
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